We are building a System of Intelligence that transforms CX and ensures that teams outperform. Every day, every time. 

On-demand solutions in connected systems, autonomous processing, and always-clean data - the enterprise of the future is already here, and its powered by Sainapse
About us
Sainapse is a System of Intelligence that solves complex enterprise problems by empowering you to get the most out of your teams, data, and existing systems. 
We believe that AI and Machine Learning are at their most powerful when they are designed to empower humans rather than replace them. Sainapse keeps the “human-in-the-loop” and uses patented machine learning algorithms to cognitively process and bring them accurate information whenever and wherever needed. We ensure your teams can focus on customers without having to spend time and energy on routine tasks that can and should be automated.

This belief has guided our Sainapse since its initial development in 2017. In the years since, this belief has been validated by Fortune 100 companies and smaller pioneering organizations alike. In every metric that they use to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their CX, Sainapse has led them to transformational, industry defining results.

Sainapse is designed and built by a committed team spread across India and the US.
Our investor
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Our beliefs

We build solutions that make you and your teams successful. 
Impactful Customer Interactions
We ensure customers get what they need, first time, every time
Ethical AI For
We leverage AI to empower humans to outperform their potential
We build our platform and organization to continually learn from every interaction
We deliver transformational impact without disrupting how your teams or customers work
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100+ years of enterprise software experience.
Together to deliver business impact – for you
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