Sainapse is a next-gen System of Intelligence that learns from your enterprise knowledge without data prework, is agnostic to data sources, omnilingual and instantly transformative
Automate case creation and handling on your existing platforms, empower agents with the right solution from anywhere in your system, autonomously run omnichannel workflows and cognitively deduplicate as well as enrich master data
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Case creation
Zero touch processing and acknowledgment;
Cognitively understand how your customers communicate 
Autonomous case creation and acknowledgments across channels and languages means no manual intervention is needed for case creation
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Classification & Triaging
Zero touch classification and routing finds the right people and even updates case records for you
Autonomous routing of cases to  resolver groups;
instantly connects customers with the people who can solve their issues
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 Solution Recommendation
Instant and accurate solutions from across knowledge sources transforms customer interactions
Solutions are made contextually-relevant from across enterprise knowledge sources on an as-is where-is basis, and rendered natively inside your applications to ensure your CX can go from reactive to empathetic
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Zero intervention remedial action means multi-step, multi-system automation
Autonomous orchestration of automation BOTs and scripts, close loop execution and exception handling enables the focus to be on the critical rather than the transactional
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Cognitive deduplication while refining your neural model using SME knowledge means always-clean data without needing business rules
Cognitive deduplication while refining your neural model using SME knowledge means always-clean data
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Data enrichment
Autonomously updating records eliminates the roadblock of defining complex business rules
Updates & enriches master data records from any number of disparate internal & third‑party sources to ensure you have the most comprehensive & correct records

Effortless transition to the future of dynamic CX

Designed to deliver instant impact that sustains, both internally and for customers
Works natively with your existing landscape.
Say goodbye to user or agent training
Zero Change
Speaks the language and jargon of your business.
Say goodbye to language packs and dictionaries
Works across
Data ingested on as-is, where-is basis.
Say goodbye to data massaging or labeling
Zero Data
Elastic data adaptor that ingests your data as-is.
Say goodbye to format standardizing
Works across data formats
Proprietary tech stack that offers full roadmap control.
Say goodbye to technology obsolescence
Zero 3rd Party
Ingests data from multiple sources on a where-is basis.
Say goodbye to knowledge aggregation
Works across data sources