An opportunity to shape technology history by building the future. 

Be the human in that loop.

Our culture and values

Sainapse is built in an environment that nurtures skill, openness and camaraderie. We are united by our collective will to reject the merely good in search of the truly great, and are together willing to do what it takes to find it. 
Challenge status quo
At Sainapse, there are no axioms that are beyond questioning.

We challenge everything.
Bias for action
Trying and failing is preferred to not trying.

We execute thoroughly and iterate quickly
Pull as a team
Every member of the firm brings something unique and critical to Sainapse.

We celebrate this diversity 

What’s in it for you

An opportunity to be part of building a world-class, industry-leading organization in its early stages

We help you create exponential value
Bleeding edge of tech
Everything we do is pushing the boundaries of technology.

You will make your career future proof
Brilliant peers
We have the best minds working on some of the most complex enterprise technology issues. 

You will learn from the best
Push the envelope
We have an environment that encourages new ideas and novel approaches.

You will give wings to your ideas
Scale with the firm
We are a growing organization that enables you to work with different roles and responsibilities.

You will discover your calling
Employee speak
I joined Sainapse after a decade and a half at one of the largest technology companies globally. I can confidently say that the kind of products I’m working on here are more cutting edge than anything I had done earlier, not to speak of the breadth of technology I get to work on. It’s a great combination of learning every day, and the satisfaction of creating something revolutionary.
Likhitha Maddirala
Likhitha Maddirala
Research, Technology & Platforms
I was one of the earliest employees at Sainapse. Every day of the last nearly 5 years has been one of learning from some of the best minds in the industry. I also had the opportunity to lead the diversity council at Sainapse, which has rounded me off as a professional significantly.
Soma Ghosh
Soma Ghosh
Research, Technology & Platforms
I make our products come to life for our customers. Speed is always of essence in every action we take. Even after several successful implementations at customers across industries, I’m still astounded by the reactions of our customers when they see the transformational impact of Sainapse, and how quickly they realize value from it.
Saurabh Bajpai
Saurabh Bajpai
Customer Success

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