Case creation
Zero touch processing and acknowledgment cognitively understands how your customers communicate
Autonomous case creation and acknowledgements across channels and languages means more productive agents that can focus on the critical rather than the transactional
Omnilingual intent extraction
Understand customer queries in mixed languages including business-specific jargon
Autonomously bring together similar issues that are differently worded and separate diverse issues that use  similar words and phrases 
Omnichannel session management
Cognitively combine issues on different channels at different stages of their lifecycle
Get a 360-degree view that combines multiple messages on the same query across channels, including user-reported issues and machine generated alerts
Multi CRM case creation
Instantly create cases in any number of CRM or ITSM without defining rules
Autonomously determine if issues are to be observed, ignored, or ticketed, in any CRM or ITSM, without having to define “If this then that” rules
Key benefits
Guarantee instantaneous action
Next step action is taken in near real-time on issue reporting
Deliver Zero-touch processing
No manual intervention required to take action
Bring in autonomous close looping
Autonomously handle case updates, acknowledgements, and  information requests
Make your data accurate and reliable
Autonomously decide what type of case record needs to be created or updated, and in which application
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