Zero touch classification and routing finds the right people and even updates case records for you
Autonomous routing of cases to relevant groups instantly connects customers with the people who can solve their issues
Rule free triaging
Identify the right priority for cases without creating any business rules
Determine priority based on historical data and customer intent instead of defining rules based on key words and phrases
Real time routing
Instantly direct customers to the right team or person 
Avoid multiple hops and hand-offs before a problem reaches the people who can solve it 
Update Records across unlimited labels and classes
Autonomously complete case records with all header information
Classify a record on any number of dimensions as an agent would have done, without manual intervention
Key benefits
Deliver faster resolutions
No time wasted in prioritizing issues and finding the right resolver group
Boost NPS / CSAT
Improve the experience of all involved by almost eliminating multiple hand-offs
Increase SLA adherence
Resolver groups effectively get more time to work on issues instead of routing or waiting for cases 
Augment capacity
Free up agent capacity to focus on issue resolution 
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