Derive predictions from data through patented algorithms that learn from the least and keep the human in the loop
Sainapse delivers industry-leading accuracy and classification while leveraging training data that is a tenth of what any other AI or Machine Learning product needs
Semi-supervised learner
Sainapse leverages reinforcement learning to improve based on minimal SME inputs and continually increase prediction accuracy
Image and entity extraction
Sainapse utilizes a proprietary bounden box method for identifying and extracting text from images, and even identifies unstructured entities based on context
Named entity recognition
Sainapse uses Contextual Identification of Entities (CIE), to identify unstructured named entities such as name or location flawlessly predict if an entity is Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and redact it as required
Multi-label multi-class classifier
Sainapse uses a patent-pending MLMC classifier that has no upper bound on the number of fields and delivers >90% accuracy while needing minimal training data
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