Menu-free Self-Help
24x7 Solutions on demand without any menus to navigate leads to delighted customers and agents
Make it easy for anyone to help themselves with zero menu trees, and deliver effective solutions from diverse sources instantaneously
Free-form issue description and omnilingual processing with no menus to navigate means revolutionized self-help
Allow users to describe issues in their words, including attaching files or screenshots, and completely eliminate complex menu-trees
Natively-rendered and unified knowledge means solutions are instantly available on demand
Deliver relevance ranked solutions to customers on demand, rendered within any system they use to engage with support
24x7 support ensures delighted customers 
Give customers the flexibility of easily accessing effect self-paced support whenever they want to instantly improve customer satisfaction scores
How does it work
Lets customers describe issues in their own words without menus
Resolves natively within existing landscape
Provides remedial actions via self-help for designated users
Seamlessly escalates issues to assistive support where required
This solution is supported by:
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Cognitive IT Ops
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