Cognitive IT Ops
Cognitive triaging and autonomous resolutions guarantee increased uptime
Minimize IT related business disruptions by identifying actionable alerts and messages, prioritizing issues and autonomously orchestrating resolution of incidents 
Correlate issues, autonomously create tickets and cognitively triage them to transform support instantly 
Cognitively determine issues that need to be acted upon, bringing together user messages and machine generated alerts. Autonomously create tickets with complete header information including priority and routing
Cognitive orchestration. Intelligent close looping. Autonomous resolution
Identify and orchestrate remedial actions across multiple systems without need for defining business rules. Complete resolution and ticket updation with zero manual intervention
Minimized hand-offs. Cognitive error handling. Increased uptime
Route to right resolver groups and handle exceptions with zero manual touch. Improve MTTR and increase uptime
How does it work
Cognitively determine actionable alerts and messages
Correlate & aggregate similar incidents across channels
Autonomously create, triage and route tickets in any ITSM
Autonomously orchestrate remedial action and close-loop
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