Cognitive deduplication while refining your neural model leveraging SME knowledge means always-clean data without needing business rules
Manage enterprise data from diverse sources across records and fields with run time governance to ensure always-clean data
Deduplicate without limits
Deduplicate fields across any number of data sources with diverse schema
Only with Sainapse can you deduplicate fields across diverse sources and different schemas without needing to define business rules
Leverage SME knowledge
Semi-supervised learning refines neural model with SME knowledge
Semi-supervised learning utilizes SME knowledge without needing any functional or technical consultants
Always-clean data 
Runtime data governance and real-time identification of duplicates keeps data always-clean
Run time deduplication configurable as event triggered before committing a new master data record, or periodic cleansing
Key benefits
Deliver impact in days, not months
Data is rapidly cleansed in mere days since no data massaging or business rule coding projects are needed
Ensure always-clean data
Rule free deduplication delivers always clean data no matter how the data evolves
Make costs low and predictable
No requirement of functional or technical consultants means you can derive value with minimal business SME inputs
Make reporting accurate and reliable 
Consistent reporting across sources with diverse schema without needing data aggregation
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