Cognitive Data Migration
Zero data preparation and cleansed master data means optimized migrations
Eliminate challenges with duplicate or incomplete master data when aggregating or migrating from one or several systems 
Transform & normalize data from multiple sources and diverse schemas to target schema
Transform master data schema from any number of diverse source applications to target application schema without the need for business rules or data pre-work
Ensure only clean and current data is migrated to target application
Fix your master data leveraging data cleansing and data enrichment to ensure only relevant data is migrated to target application
Migrate correct and comprehensive master data with minimal manual effort
Ensure no loss of critical master data, including completing missing data and correcting incorrect records prior to migration
Key capabilities
Cleans and enriches master data prior to migration without need for defining any business rules
Optimizes effort of business SMEs and data stewards, and refining the neural model thru reinforcement learning
Deduplicates and normalizes both columns (fields) and rows (records) across data sources with diverse schema
Ensures no bad or incomplete data is carried over from source applications to the target application
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