Cognitive clustering of near similar records across schemas & sources
Real time categorization to ensure accurate grouping & hierarchy determination
Categorize without limits
Categorize near similar records across any number of data sources with diverse schema
Only with Sainapse can you categorize near similar records across diverse sources and different schemas without needing to define business rules
Semi-supervised learning leveraging SME knowledge
Leverage business SMEs; no requirement of functional or technical consultants
Reinforcement learning leveraging business SME validation of a very small sample of data for high accuracy of duplicate identification
Real time categorization
Runtime data governance and real-time categorization to address needs such as demand aggregation & spend optimization
Identification of near similar records in real time & rule free clustering ensures data usability for downstream applications
Key benefits
Deliver impact in days, not months
Data is rapidly cleansed in mere days since no data massaging or business rule coding projects are needed
Instant categorized data
Rule free categorization delivers data usability for downstream applications
Make costs low and predictable
No requirement of functional or technical consultants means you can derive value with minimal business SME inputs
Make reporting accurate and reliable 
Consistent reporting across sources with diverse schema without needing data aggregation
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