Intelligent Agent Assist
Accurate solutions on-tap means that every agent becomes a superagent 
Turbocharge agent performance by delivering accurate knowledge and first-time-right resolutions, every time
Pushing answers to agents and natively rendering them means lower resolution times
Significantly reduce time to resolution by proactively pushing accurate solutions to agents when they need it, within applications they already use
Relevance-ranked solutions with next-step action means you get it right the first time, every time
Wow your customers with first-contact resolution by delivering the right solutions and next step actions to agents without the need for searching
Consistent resolutions and reduced training means you close the skill and experience gaps between agents
Get every agent to be productive faster and performing at the level of the best, and take individual skills and experience out of the equation
How does it work
Proactively pushes solutions and next steps to agents
Takes agent skill out of the equation by serving the best solutions available to all agents
Renders solutions natively within existing tools that you use
Makes agent performance consistent across channels
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