Sainapse is a next-gen System of Intelligence that gives you the power to build and operate enterprise-grade human-centered AI products at scale
Connect with and process data from any source or any format, derive predictions using patented machine learning algorithms, render natively and autonomously orchestrate actions so you can overcome data inadequacy or operational roadblocks to deploy AI effectively
Learn from least
Deliver industry defining accuracy with only a fraction of the training data compared to any other AI or Machine Learning product
Availability of enough clean data is no longer an impediment to effective AI adoption because Sainapse’s patented algorithms are designed to learn from the least
Human in the loop
Seamlessly move from assisted to autonomous while leveraging human skill
Sainapse’s patented machine learning and AI deliver unparalleled results when working in tandem with humans, instead of trying to eliminate them from the process loop
Agile partitioned data
Run time plug and play of both internal and external sources to train on and recommend from
Sainapse understands contextual data from any part of the enterprise, evolves previous neural models instead of discarding them, and normalizes data in run time to work with any new data generating process 
Amorphous edge
Connect natively with your landscape and use data as-is where-is
Sainapse is designed to work seamlessly with all data sources and formats in an enterprise through low-code no-code integration

Our Platforms

The future of dynamic CX, Support, Employee Engagement and Data Management
Connect with and process data from any source and in any format with a low-code no-code approach
Derive predictions from data through patented algorithms that learn from the least and keep the human in the loop
Render solutions natively within applications that are already in use and even maintain fidelity to the original format
Orchestrate multi-step and multi-application workflows based on recommendations from inferencing