Data enrichment
Comprehensive master data. Unlimited data sources. Zero business rules
Autonomously enrich master data records from any number of disparate internal and third‑party data sources
Enrich data from unlimited sources
Enrich data from any number of internal or external sources to ensure correct and comprehensive master data
With Sainapse, you can augment your master data by connecting unlimited data sources through low-code no-code integration
Complete missing data thru data imputation
Maximize extracting intelligence from your data to predict incomplete or missing data fields
Fill in missing values in a dataset, by using statistical techniques to estimate the missing values or by predicting them based on the available data
Always complete and correct data
Event based or periodic triggers to crawl through connected sources to ensure comprehensive, correct master data
Autonomous run time data enrichment configurable as event triggered or at defined time intervals periodic to ensure you derive maximum value from your master data
Key capabilities
Deliver impact in days, not months
Data is autonomously enriched thru configuration in mere days since no data massaging or business rule coding projects are needed
Optimize efforts of data stewards
Semi-supervised learning ensures that data stewards are called upon only to validate output from Sainapse
Maximize value of master
Ensure always comprehensive and correct master data with autonomous run time data enrichment
Make reporting accurate and reliable
Consistent reporting across sources with diverse schema through data normalization
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