Intelligent Mail Desk
Autonomous close looping alongside cognitive processing and routing lets people focus on what’s important
Introduce zero-touch processing of customer emails with instantaneous close looping and rule free case creation, triaging and routing
Ingesting all attachments and cognitively determining next steps means quicker and more accurate actions
Determine the exact next step by processing all the information in an email including attachments and screenshots without defining business rules 
Instant case creation, intelligent responses and autonomous close looping ensures reduced AHT and happier customers
Remove any wait time for customers to receive acknowledgements or case details, and carry out zero-touch close looping
Intelligent routing without hops or manual intervention means faster resolutions
Route the issue to the right resolver teams instantly, without any manual processing or hops
Key capabilities
Processes all information in emails, including attachments and screenshots
Cognitively determines the adequacy of information for next step action
Autonomously responds to customers with acknowledgements or more information, if requested
Intelligently routes to resolver groups without manual intervention
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