Cognitive Data Cleansing
Always-clean data from diverse schema without any business rules 
Keep your master and transaction data clean across multiple sources with diverse schema, without business rules or consultants 
Zero data preparation and zero rules means no long projects or expensive consultants
Keep your master and transaction data always-clean without the need for data labeling or massaging, eliminating the need for complex projects to get value from your own data
Deduplicating across sources and diverse schema as well as SME validations delivers a rapid initial cleansing
Clean your data in days, minimally leveraging your business SMEs to achieve industry-defining accuracy across any number sources or schema
Preventing duplicates at source with unlimited dedup runs means data stays clean
Keep once-cleansed data always-clean by preventing  duplicates from being created via cognitive run time governance 
What does it do
Deduplicates both columns (fields) and rows (records) across data sources with diverse schema
Leverages business SME knowledge to cognitively deduplicate master and transaction data 
Cleans data without defining any business rules, with no need for functional or technical consultants
Triggers run time deduplication based on time or events to ensure always-clean data 
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