Instant and accurate solutions from across knowledge sources transforms customer interactions
Solutions are made contextually-relevant on an as-is where-is basis, and rendered natively inside your applications to ensure your CX can go from reactive to empathetic
Natively render recommendations
Render recommended solutions inside CRM, ITSM or CMS
Render solution recommendations within existing CRM, ITSM, or CMS applications while maintaining fidelity to the original formatting
Granular relevance-ranked resolutions
Recommend the right page or section of documents, eliminating need for CTRL+f
Show relevance-ranked recommendations from across data sources including pointing to specific pages within documents or records within databases
Leverage complete enterprise knowledge
Learn and recommend from all your enterprise data on an as-is, where-is basis
Integrate structured and unstructured data sources and formats without needing any code
Key capabilities
Deliver instant impact
Zero change management alongside fast adoption since no one needs to learn new UI
Solve more problems at the first level thanks to documentation from escalated support teams
Institutionalize knowledge
Enterprise knowledge regardless of format - case notes, SOPs, Manuals - are instantly available to those who need it
Solve problems consistently
Eliminate differences in skills and experience of individuals by pushing solutions to them
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