Intelligent remedial actions without intervention means multi-step, multi-system automation
Autonomous orchestration of automation BOTs and scripts, close loop execution and exception handling enables the focus to be on the critical rather than the transactional
Cognitive understanding of action needed
Run rule free remedial action from across automation tools
Identify and retrieve the appropriate action from RPA BOTs, scripts, or other systems for autonomous or manual triggering
Multi-system orchestration
Intelligent multi-step, multi-system solutions 
Cognitively trigger actions across diverse systems including passing on parameters, without needing manual intervention
Autonomous close looping and error handling
Monitor actions through to completion 
Autonomously complete actions, update case records and trigger exception handling processes when needed
Key benefits
Speed up resolutions
Zero-touch instantaneous resolutions as a result of autonomous orchestration 
Make self-help intelligent
Users get help at their pace, 24x7
Improve SLA adherence
Quicker turnaround times since support teams only focus on issues not solved through automation
Augment capacity
Multi-step support actions are triggered and completed without needing manual intervention
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