Sainapse is a next-gen System of Intelligence that uses patented machine learning to transform Support, IT Ops, CX and data quality
Cognitive triaging, resolutions, menu-free self-help, agent-assistance, and even Intelligent Mail Desk, as well as autonomous data cleansing, enrichment, and migration without any code deployment or disruption to customers and teams
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Cognitive IT Ops
Cognitive triaging and autonomous resolutions guarantee increased uptime
Minimize IT related business disruptions by identifying actionable alerts and messages, prioritizing issues and autonomously orchestrating resolution of incidents 
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Menu-free Self-help
Solutions on demand without any menus to navigate leads to delighted customers and agents
Make it easy for anyone to help themselves with zero menu trees, and deliver effective solutions from diverse sources instantaneously
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Intelligent Agent Assist
Accurate solutions on-tap means that every agent becomes a superagent 
Turbocharge agent performance by delivering accurate knowledge and first-time-right resolutions, every time
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Intelligent Mail Desk
Autonomous close looping and processing with cognitive routing lets people focus on what’s important
Introduce zero-touch processing of customer emails with instantaneous close looping and rule free case creation, triaging and routing
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Cognitive Data Cleansing
Always-clean data from diverse schema without any rules or consultants 
Keep your master and transaction data clean across multiple sources with diverse schema, without business rules or consultants 
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Cognitive Data Enrichment
Unlimited data sources. Zero rules, zero consultants. Comprehensive master data
Cognitively enrich your master data from any number of internal or external data sources without defining business rules
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Cognitive Data Migration
Zero data preparation and cleansed master data means optimized migrations
Eliminate challenges with duplicate or incomplete master data when aggregating or migrating from one or several systems

Effortless transition to the future of dynamic CX

Designed to deliver instant impact that is sustainable, both internally and for customers
Works natively with your existing landscape.
Say goodbye to user or agent training
Zero Change
Speaks the language and jargon of your business.
Say goodbye to language packs and dictionaries
Works across
Data ingested on as-is, where-is basis.
Say goodbye to data massaging or labeling
Zero Data
Elastic data adaptor that ingests your data as-is.
Say goodbye to format standardizing
Works across data formats
Proprietary tech stack that offers full roadmap control.
Say goodbye to technology obsolescence
Zero 3rd Party
Ingests data from multiple sources on a where-is basis.
Say goodbye to knowledge aggregation
Works across data sources

Workflow model

No Rip. No Replace. No Retrain
Sainapse integrates seamlessly with applications in your landscape through our proprietary low-code no-code Elastic Data Adaptors.

With Sainapse, get maximum value from your tech investments with minimal change management.