Impact. Unlocked. In Weeks

Increase in CSAT/NPS

Non-linear capacity augmentation

Industry defining accuracy

Classification & Triaging

Cognitively understand customer queries across channels & machine generated alerts; autonomously create tickets or cases

  • Disambiguate unstructured query – extract intent
  • Identify & deflect no-action alerts & messages
  • Create cases, comprehensively & correctly
  • Triage & route to appropriate resolver group

Solution Discovery

Provide relevance ranked recommendations drawn from across enterprise and external knowledge sources rendered at page/record level granularity

  • Auto-populated based on ticket or case created – no search required
  • Recommendations from across all sources of knowledge
  • Recommendations embedded within your system of engagement

Resolution Orchestration

Execute downstream transactions and automation scripts across enterprise systems to ensure resolution success and case closure

  • Auto-trigger scripts and BOTs
  • Orchestrate completion of script or BOTs
  • Report back on success status
  • Trigger exception handling process as required

Experience impact in weeks, not months

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