Cognitive Data Enrichment
Unlimited data sources. Zero rules, zero consultants. Comprehensive master data
Cognitively enrich your master data from any number of internal or external data sources without defining business rules
Zero data pre-work or business rules to be defined means no long projects or expensive consultants
Keep your master data always comprehensive and correct without the need for data labeling or massaging, eliminating the need for complex projects to get value from your data
Autonomous data enrichment across sources & diverse schema with reinforcement through validation by data stewards
Minimal effort for validation by your data stewards to achieve industry defining accuracy across any number sources or schema
Always comprehensive and correct data through event based or defined time period triggers
Keep your master data current, comprehensive and correct though data aggregation from diverse internal and external sources, and data imputation
Key capabilities
Autonomously augments data from any number of internal and external sources
Optimizes effort of data stewards, and refining the neural model thru reinforcement learning
Enriches data without defining any business rules, with zero need for functional or technical consultants
Triggers run time data enrichment based on time or events to ensure always comprehensive and correct master data
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