3 simple steps to being more present for your customers - achieving 24x7 through AI and ML

August 24, 2021
Joyce Cruickshank
Technology Evangelist

Step 1: Transcribing voice mails

Doing business digitally means that every hour counts as business hours. In fact, business hours refer to the times when your customer wants to do business with you, not the other way around. While having proficient personnel serve your customer’s needs 24x7 might be a rather remote proposition for most businesses, what better way of lending an ear than letting the customer continue to gain support through their voicemail?

Sainapse now lets you do precisely that. In the after hours, the customer calls your support hotline. After they find out that the support staff is no longer available to serve them, you offer them the option to record their concern. Here is where the extraordinary – now, it’s time to actually make sense of what was said.

This is where the Sainapse data adaptor and speech to text transcriber come in. Today, speech-to-text engines are entirely reliable, and can handle more than 160 words per minute. Which means that you can not only lend an ear to the customer, but also make sense of what they want by transcribing your customer’s voicemail using Sainapse’ data adaptor and speech to text engine. Alternatively, you can pick your own speech-to-text engine, integrate it with Sainapse, and let Sainapse take it from there.

In this process, you accomplished two important things:

1. Allowed an AI engine to make sense of the customer’s problem and present solutions when you were not staffed.

2. Recouped the customer rep’s time when they come return to work as long as the customer agreed the problem was resolved.

Step 2: Autonomous case creation and resolution orchestration

Sainapse can do two things with the transcribed text:

1. Create a case automatically: By mining the text for the customer’s intent, Sainapse can understand with a considerable degree of accuracy, as to what the customer needs. As a result, it creates a support case, and seeks to understand and subsequently, recommend what the possible resolutions might look like to the customer.

2. Orchestrate the resolution:If the resolution for the problem can be executed with an available script, then Sainapse will resolve the issue on its own. This is possible only if the action can be performed with a script that is available and appropriately tagged with the right metadata. For instance, if a customer wants is asking for installation assistance of a device, Sainapse can send a link to the customer that enables them to complete the installation.

To take these steps, Sainapse needs to be integrated with the enterprise CRM, messaging systems and other business platforms to connect the dots. After creating a case or resolving the issue on its own, and lastly Sainapse needs a bridge to connect to the customer. Why? To inform them about what to expect. Connected systems can even call your customer to deliver solutions by making use of a text-to-speech capability.

Now that’s what proactive, and satisfactory customer experience should look like – even beyond working hours.

Step 3: Escalation and queueing for call-back

But what happens if there are no ready resolutions? Surely, leaving it to the customer isn’t the best you can do here.

Therefore, when Sainapse creates a case and cannot identify ready remediations it does two things:

1. Assigning a support rep:Sainapse makes use of support tickets from the past to identify the support team or individual best qualified to solve the problem. Sainapse and your configured CRM solution then assigns the ticket so that they can call her back during next business day.

2. Infer possible solutions:In addition, Sainapse identifies and suggests possible solutions so that the team working on it next day already has a head start

When the support reps come back to work on the next day, they find the customer tickets neatly organized in their queue. Armed with better knowledge of what the customer wants and recommendations around how to solve – customer support teams are now confident like never-before.

Did you notice Sainapse has converted an inbound support call into an outbound service at virtually zero extra cost. Better customer experience, lower cost of serving, better employee experience, and faster resolution – powered by Sainapse. 24x7.

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Joyce Cruickshank
Technology Evangelist